LED Flood Light
Name:Rechargeable LED Floodlight
Category:LED Flood Light
 LED source: COB led, 
 AC 100-240V
8.4V Li-On rechargeable;
CCT:Warm white/ White,
Lum: 90lm/w
Lifespan: 50000hrs,
Material: Aluminum,
IP Range: IP65,  
Warranty: 2 years
Description Parameter
1, Humanized design, lighting installation and maintenance easier, the overall heat dissipation, can reduce the probability of failure.
2, Independent intellectual property design, integration of a number of electronic digital technology LED lighting products.
3, The main structure of the lamp body parts using new aluminum lamp body, with shock, corrosion-resistant benefits
4, The use of lightweight alloys and coating technology, shell never rust, never corrosion, anti-oxidation ability.
5, Die-cast of new technology to ensure shell integrity is good, reliable seal, waterproof and dustproof IP65 and above.
6, In line with international EMC EN61547, no electromagnetic interference on the surrounding electronics.
7, Construction sites for outdoor work far away from mains electricity with difficulty, and various large-scale construction work, maintenance, repair, incident handling and disaster relief work on the site of a large area, high-intensity lighting, outdoor camping, beach, etc. lighting needs.
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